Everybody loves a sausage and I have a sausage for everybody

I established Brown's Gourmet Sausages in 2010 on the quest to make the best British banger. I currently have over 60 recipes. All you need to do is find your favourite!

British Meat

At Brown's Gourmet Sausages, we only use prime cuts of British meat. We believe that to make the best bangers you have to take as much care and attention into what is not added to the sausage as what is. Therefore, be it a shoulder or a thigh these are all meticulously butchered ensuring that all sinew, tendons and bone are removed.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Flavour and freshness go hand in hand, that is why each week we also take the knife to copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. A thorough wash before we chop, chop, chop ensuring the right size, texture, colour and most importantly flavour is added to each individual recipe.

Herbs and Spices

Head Sausage, Duncan Brown, creates all recipes from scratch. He hand picks every herb and spice to compliment the fresh ingredients . By hand picking and weighing our own herb and spice mixes we can ensure the quality of the source product as well as the extra punch of flavour.

No Additives or Preservatives

At Brown's Gourmet Sausages, Head Sausage is a stickler for detail. What would be the point of putting in so much hard work creating the best tasting fresh bangers if they were then polluted by additives and preservatives? none. He would rather work harder and longer to ensure when he goes to market the sausages are all fresh and ready for you to freeze at home.

Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian

With over 60 recipes Head Sausage truly believes he has a sausage for everybody, (unless you are a vegetarian which case he hasn't got you covered yet!). With over 30 varieties of gluten free sausages ranging from the traditional Cumberland to the seasonal Zombie Brains there is always a great choice at his stall. Our vegetarian and vegan range are all bean based and are again centred around fresh produce, so, you won't be getting an imitation meat product here; they are truly vegetarian.

Natural Casings And A Magic Touch

Head Sausage makes everything, that means his beady (tired) eyes are constantly questioning and evaluating the recipes and the ingredients used thus ensuring the optimum quality of our sausage meats. These are then placed in perfectly graded natural skins to ensure that all the flavours can develop and cook perfectly.

Sausage Snaps

Ready To Roll


Where to Find Me

Here you will see which markets I regularly attend.

I also attend food festivals throughout the year,

which may conflict with my usual markets

So, please check my Facebook page before

venturing out to ensure my whereabouts.

Thrapston - First Saturday of the month

Olney - First Sunday of the month

Oakham - Third Saturday of the month

Northampton - Last Saturday of the month


What My Customers Think
Great range of gluten free flavours to choose from. The best sausages I've ever had! Always look forward to market day when your stall is there. Traditional sausages with a modern twist, there really is a flavour for everyone. Still not decided what my favourite is as they are all so delicious! Hope your business continues to grow and be successful.

Dale Peppitt

Just love these sausages, they are so tasty, don't shrink and the various flavours are great. No other sausages come close! We've taken to calling you the Magic Sausage Man, and love market week so i can stock up

Fliss Hope

Sampled a selection of Brown's sausages for the first time last weekend after hearing raving reviews. They're absolutely delicious, full of flavour with fresh ingredients and no nasties. They also don't shrink at all. Keep up the good work!

Anja Sibbes

After trying a sample at the Xmas market yesterday we just had to buy some! They are honestly the best Sausages I have had (we went for the tea & honey ones). Can't wait to try the other flavours we purchased!

Tom Pace

Burton Latimer
We first experienced Brown's when we stumbled upon them at the Northampton market. Well...what a find. The most unique and delicious bangers we have ever had. We spent ages trying to pick but got some yummy samples to tempt us even more. Highly recommend!

Tamara Holland

THE BEST sausages I've ever tasted! Duncan is always super helpful when i place my orders and delivers to my door, fantastic service and fantastic sausages!

Denise Jewkes

Tried 4 different Sausages today Bananarama and the Plum and Ginger were our favourites. Went back to stock up on more flavours for the freezer - want to try them all!

Eleanor Leanard-Smith

Higham Ferrers
Always the best. I have a drawer in our freezer dedicated for his sausages

Rupert Sligh